Lazy Summer "Lazzy Summer"
Let Your Mind Fly "Let Your Mind Fly"
Turn Dat Music Down "Turn Dat Music Down"
Familiar Faces "Familiar Faces"
Is a smoothe jazz fusion of Classical, Jazz, Rock and R&B.
My Prayer "My Prayer"
Has something for everyone. Classical, Smooth Jazz, Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop. All for the glory of God.
Da Web "Da Web (Single)"
Is an R&B single by The United Rhythm & Groove Exchange. "Da Web Respun" double CD will be available soon with remixes of songs from the single.
Da Web "Da Web Respun"
Mystic Journey "Mystic Journey"
A blend of smooth-jazz,r&b,funk,and jazz saturated in rich Latin sauces including mambos,songos and salsas.