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Victor McClain
Mystic Journey
The Black Mambo
My Native Love
Urge Records Announces Release Of Their Latest Project
  Victor McClain
3998 Jefferson Township Pkwy.
Marietta, GA 30066

Urge Records has announced the release of its latest project, the Victor McClain CD, "Mystic Journey", which McClain produced, uniquely utilizing Afro-Latin rhythms and percussions in a superb collection.

McClain decided to add more of a Latin sound to the music to give it "a flavor to savor". "Mystic Journey" is a blend of smooth-jazz, rhythm and blues, funk and jazz, saturated in rich Latin sauces.

"The Latin taste energizes the overall feeling of the music, while taking it to another dimension. The grooves and vibes are just enough to keep the listener motivated at the work place, while also adding the feeling that one should be "chillin'" in the warmth of the sun, with a refreshing cold drink in hand, lounging by the pool, or better still, on the beach of a tropical island."
Victor McClain
  Victor McClain is a multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter. He has written many love songs and, to be expected, included a couple of songs, dedicated to the passionate for love "in the mix". His uncanny ability to produce is evident as the entire project blends flawlessly and also highlights his talents in front of the microphone and behind the board.

McClain confesses that music has always been a part of his life. The old variety shows on television back in the '60's were his favorites, and he could visualize himself on stage in front of the cameras. He would play his old "45" records until they were worn out, trying to mimic a band or singer. He can remember making a guitar out of a soap box, with fishing line as strings to imitate the Rolling Stones.

He discovered the clarinet when he was quite young and it became his instrument of choice, although his live show now features the saxophone, flute and keyboards. He taught himself to read music, and that accomplishment enabled him to join the orchestra, marching and jazz bands in high school and college. At the age of 17 he began playing in top Los Angeles bands on college campuses in Southern California and later the L. A. club scene. Playing with the local bands opened up opportunities to record at Twentieth Century, A & M Records and independent labels in the Los Angeles area.

After approximately 15 years of playing with other bands, he decided to start his own record company, open his own studio and start a publishing company. Urge Records ( The United Rhythm & Groove Exchange) is the results along with Heaven & Earth Studios.

McClain feels that his desire now is to write and publish scores for movies, plays, and/or television. "Even though I enjoy many styles," he said, "classical music has always been a favorite because of how it effects the emotions, especially during a visual arts experience, such as a movie. I see my music as an emotional, physical and spiritual vessel that can transport you to other worlds and, upon your return, you are rejuvenated." Amen, brother.

Victor McClain 1120 Broadway, Suite 543 New York NY 10010

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